Thursday 20 September 2012

Got a Free Chris Shelton jersey card!

Hey y'all.

Just wanted to show you this cool card I got from this website, which gives you free stuff. It's basically ebay with credits instead of cash. So, after signing up, doing the tutorial, etc. I already had over 1500 credits for basically doing nothing. And for a mere 559 credits, I nailed this awesome card... my very first baseball hit card! A 2006 Ovation Apparel Chris Shelton jersey card! And it's not even just a plain white swatch... it had 2 lines of stiching on the bottom!

I can't load an image, so hopefully it will soon -__-

But very cool. Only one complaint... the card was mailed just in a penny sleeve and top loader in a PLAIN WHITE ENVELOPE! No paper or anything in the envelope or wrapped around the card. I was really lucky to get it in mint condition... no creases or anything!

Thank you Moses for this great card!

*I'm thinking of starting a new/another blog. This blog was supposed to maily focus on hockey, but now it's creeping into other sports, and right now I am a huge baseball fan. So this was a great learning experience, and I think I will, soon. One that focuses on all sports. Becuase now I am hooked on baseball cards ;) )

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