Friday, 30 March 2012

Well... the 2011/12 Spitfires season is over.

An 8-3 loss to London last night ends our season... but it was an exciting, suspenseful season right to the very end! All the fans in Windsor are proud of you guys! Goodbye to John Cullen, Zack MacQueen and Derek Holden. It was emotional when it showed on TV when everyone left John Cullen skating out and looking around for one last time. Now we can look forward to the #5 overall pick! GO SPITS GO!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Double TTM Day: Spitfires returns on possibly their last game day...

As you may all know, I have got this year's Spits card set. I am going to try and get the whole set signed, so I quickly sent off to our 3 overagers (Derek Holden, John Cullen and Zack MacQueen.) this past weekend and lookie here - I recieved 2 today. Thank you Derek Holden and Zack MacQueen. I recieved 1 from Holden, and because the set mistankinly gave me 2 MacQueens, I recived 2 MacQueens. If anyone's interested in it, it is for trade. Now just awaiting Cullen. I'll upload pics tomorrow, and for tonight, facing elimination, down 3 games to 0 to #1 seed London, all I can do now is say GO SPITS GO!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Question Of The Whenever: Could YOU cut up a jersey?

Today I recieved a package in the mail, and I knew it was from Brett from MY HOCKEY CARD OBSESSION. It was from a deal we made a little while ago, and I was receiving my end. The card I was most excited about was the 2010-11 Certified Fabric of the Game Prime Evgeni Malkin because it would be my first Malkin GU Card. With my newest Malkin card, I now wonder from the swatch, how could a guy cut up that from a Pro's Penguin jersey? To tell you the truth, I probably couldn't make a snip in one. So, can YOU cut a jersey? Comment and let me know if you can... or Cannot!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Just... Done!!

Finally, after 3 days of hard work starting my blog, a little frustratin, I finally got my computer and blog to behave, and I can officially say that I - AM - DONE and this is the way I imagined it. It will be updated often like this, so thank you to my supporters, and especially to Michael who helped me a lot along the way.

Enjoy the coming years of this blog!

Kyle :)

Cuckoo Cards: 1977-78 O-Pee-Chee Base Anders Hedberg

Give me all your - (drunk cackle that goes hehehehehe) money or else I (same cackle) go nuts and punch out your eye like mine (Notice the black eye, or if not it sure does look like one)

Or you'll go nuts? Anders, you already are. Proof? I got proof. Look at the Caaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrd.
To sum up how awful (or beautiful if you are a card photo critique) this card's photo is, here this.

For April Fool's day, if you have a copy of this card, or if not print out a large colour one from images, tiptoe into the person you want to fool's room BEFORE they are awake, stuff it near their face, and do that "hehehehehe" murderer laugh I was talking about.

Oh, gee, thanks for the idea, brain! I can finally get even at my sister for cracking my beckett graded card's case. BTW that was a 2006-07 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion Shea Weber RC Graded 10, so all of a sudden this doesn't sound like I'm doing something too bad.

This cards says: LOL and scary of some sort

This card's ranking? Ranking: 5/10.
Additional Comments: 10/10 for laughter, but this is 0/10 because it is way too scary; I'm gonna now have nightmares!

We Can Use This For Flips!

2011-12 Windsor Spitfires team card set

Although they sell 'em at the souv. store in the arena, I picked up 2 sets - one I opened to get signed and 1 to keep sealed, of this year's brand new set. It had just came out, and I got em from a friend of mine. They had great additions to my Khokhlachev and Alonge PC with cards. I can't wait to get the cards signed, hopefully at the skate with the spits after Sunday's game, and I sent TTMs out to the overage players while the Spits are now in the playoffs.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

My first hockey-related post - GREAT DEALS #1

The Item: 2008-09 Victory Rookies Black Colton Gillies
The Price: $0.10 Cents
The story: At my friends house, spotted this in his plastic see-through arts-and-crafts 6 pull-out bins shelf. I him if it was for trade. He agreed, and I did - for a shiny dime! WOW! Probably the best 10 cents I've ever spent. C'mon, a VICTORY BLACK ROOKIE CARD OF A FORMER 1st ROUNDER for 10 cents? That cant be beat. GREAT DEALS!

Monday, 19 March 2012


Welcome to my blog! I got inspired to do this from Michael from Collecting for Kicks and Brett from MY HOCKEY CARD OBSESSION. If you are here now, I'm sure you've hear of those blogs. If not, do it now! So yes, I am a student here in Windsor, Ontario, Canada who loves hockey, plays hockey, and collects hockey cards! My name is Kyle, and I hope you enjoy! ;)