Monday 4 February 2013

PACK BREAK: 2012-13 Heroes and Prospects and 2012-13 Score - A HUGE hit

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the lack of posts. School has been SO busy for me lately. But that doesn't mean I'm not in the card buzz. I have recieved numerous GENEROUS pakages lately, hopefully gonna post them up soon. But anyways, here we are.

I went to my LCS in my local mall today and as it is hard to earn money at my age, I had to choose the packs I got wisely, and I was saving up for a few packs on NHCD next Saturday. (BTW if you are going, can I count on you to trade and help me complete my set?) I knew for sure anything over $10 was out of the question I finally decided on a pack of the brand new 2012-13 Heroes and Prospects, for $5.99, out not even a week ago. This is a product I love - AWESOME for TTM autos, and the design and hits get better each year. It would be my first ITG pack I've ever opened. Also a medium priced product, so affordable.

I also got a pack of this year's Score. I've opened about 3 packs before, nothing "really" special in those. A Mike Smith Net Cam with an AWFUL picture, to name one. But in this lone Score pack, I got a Marc Staal Gold and Riley Sheanhan rookie.

How with the H&P. I knew from watching reviews that each pack had a relic or decoy "He Shoots, He Scores!" Puzzle card. I also saw from the 1 box break I saw 2 of the 5 hits were in the first row of packs, of the 3 rows. One of the autos, a Ryan Strome, was in the top pack.

So as the owner gave me the box to pick my pack, I noticed only 1 pack was bought/taken, the 3rd row. I was thinking the whole way through I was going to take the top 1st row. But, for some strange feeling, I went under that pack and took the next one. A good choice...

After paying, I walked out and opened it while heading to another area of the mall I was in. I saw it was no really thick card, and knew it was a decoy. Kinda dissapointed, but then again, there are only 1:7 for relics and autos, out of 18 packs.

I flipped through them, hoping to get a good CHL player I could send to. All I remember is I saw Gordie Howe Legend on the top. Woot, woot! First time through, I remember it was 7 cards, a Ryan Murray puzzle decoy and another card. I knew I got a base of Brendan Guance (Nucks!!), Laurent Dauphin rookie and Francois Tremblay on the bottom... Kinda a bust for the money I paid...

Ends up I got bases of Howe, Theo Fluery, Radek Faksa, Guance, Dauphin, Tremblay and Tverdon, and the HSHS of Murray.

WHOA WHOA WAIT!!! So, I flip through them again... Oh frack, on the card on top of the decoy is an auto. In a Russian jersey. Wearing number 10. Drumroll please...

Badadadadadada... And...

CLUE... my heart skipped a beat.

A NAIL YAKUPOV AUTOGRAPH!!!! It is a BEAUTIFUL card... The card is beautifully designed, and has the Russian colours to match his jersey. I ran/fast walked back to my LCS, who gave me a top loader and penny sleeve to put it in. Then he researched it on his computer... And told me it was an $80 card!!!!

This has to be THE best hit I have ever pulled... even better than the Eberle BAP. I'll be hanging on to this for a while, unless I get a nice Malkin auto in return. :)

Now I'm left with this: Do I sell it? Trade it? Or keep it?

To think I was able to get this card in 1 pack is awesome. What are the chances, that this card would end up in that store in the mall, and be the box opened to sell singlely as packs, and that I walked in and chose it?

Awesome. Thanks for reading. :D

*I borrowed the scan from eBay... I do not have a scanner, and my camera is terrible. My card looks the EXACT same though*


  1. If you're not a Yakupov fan, I say flip it on ebay. It can contribute to your hobby much more that way. Realistically, I think you could sell it for $50-$75, which can buy a lot more packs or Malkin singles.

  2. Great hit. In terms of "value" it is likely going to be at its most valuable right now before the market is flooded with his autos. SO if you want your best return sell now, otherwise keep it and enjoy it for what it is :)