Monday 25 March 2013

RANDOM WORDS - What happens to Derrick Pouliot?

As most (or at least you Pens and Stars fans) know, the Pens have made 2 deals in the past 24 hours, both to aquire players who can do some damage now.

They have aquired Brendan Morrow, Douglas Murray and a 3rd round pick in total, for Joe Morrow, a 5th and 2 2nds.

At first, I was not impressed with the Brendan Morrow trade. Sure, he gives 110% each time, and is a heart and soul guy. But he is aging (34) and his best days are past him. He's having a tough season in Dallas.

I was not mad about the Pens getting Morrow, it was what they had to give up - another Morrow. Joe Morrow, their 2011 first round pick. Derrick Pouliot's Winter Hawks teammate. Top prospect.

Before the trade, they had a great group of D-men for the future. Letang, Brian Doumilin, Simon Despres, Scott Harrington, Robert Bortuzzo, Olli Maata, Pouliot, and Morrow.

I expected the D-men in the future be:

Letang - Despres
Pouliot - Morrow
Maata - Harrington

What really gets me is there is 2 set of junior players playing on the same team. Because of their expreience now, I am sure they would continue to click at the NHL level, which would benefit both.

They traded Jordan Staal to the Canes for Doumilin, Sutter and their 1st. They used that first to select Pouliot.

Well... that was the 7th overall pick. Derrick was ranked 10-15 picks later, so I thought the reason they picked him was to play with Joe Morrow.

So... with him gone, does that mean Derrick's time as a Pen is soon over?

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