Sunday 24 March 2013

TRADE: CanuckFan1 from Clouts N Chara

Hi everyone, I made a trade with a member on Clouts N Chara a few days ago. He was trying to complete his 2011-12 Contenders Calder Contenders Autograph Set /800 set (quite a feat), and I had aquired a few from Matt (Cardboard Conundrum) last year. So we worked out a quick and easy trade, one I think we were both pleased with. Let's get to the details.

To CanuckFan1 -
2011-12 Contenders Calder Contenders Autograph /800 Slava Voynov

To Me -
2012-13 Heroes and Prospects 3D Class of 2013 Ryan Hartman
2012-13 Heroes and Prospects Autograph Bo Horvat

 photo AHHHH1_zps501c7d86.jpg photo AHHHH-6_zps9a70d342.jpg

For me, at first I wasn't sure if I wanted to let Slava go. He is one of the top offensive D-men in the league this year, and has already won the cup and showing extreme promise for such a young age. But on eBay, I saw that the same card sold for no more than a couple of dollars, so if I ever need it back, I could know I can pick one up. And I helped out another person with a set! :)

About the cards I aquired, you will think I am crazy about how I aquired the Horvat. I had the choice between Kerby Rychel auto, star of my HOMETOWN Windsor Spitfires, and projected higher than Horvat and projected first rounder this year, and the Horvat, who plays for the Spits ARCH RIVALS London Knights, the team every Spits fan hates. Don't get me wrong, London-Windsor series are always fun to watch, and it's a great Rivarly. But I picked a player from their team over a hometown star?

The reason - I already have TONS of Kerby autographs. I go to a lot of Skate-With-The-Spits after Sunday games, and nab TONS of graphs. I already have his autograph on a jersey, couple of cards, programs, pucks, etc. So instead, I got an autograph of my favourite Knight for some reason, Bo Horvat.

I also have always wanted a 3D card from this year's H&P. From reviews, they seem really cool, and cheap(er) to pick up. Sure, I would have prefered a Zachary Fucale or Bo Horvat, but Ryan Hartman was the only 3D he had.

I just noticed it seems like this whole trade was against Windsor and Kerby. First Horvat, now Ryan Hartman, who plays for another rival in the Plymouth Whalers. Also, during the Subway Super Series game, he had a fight with Kerby, and another one in their next meeting in the regular season. Sorry Windsor! :)

So anyways, this was a nice and easy trade. We could have probably picked up either end for less than $10 on eBay, but it's so much better to trade!!

Oh, and a shout out to a new blog, Card Bored Collector. It is a great blog, and the writer of it and me are already working on our first trade. Check it out, and add it to your blog roll!

Thanks for reading!

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