Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Blog Bat Around: What Would You Buy with $1,600 on eBay?

As a student, having an extra $1600 dollars to use on hockey cards is a dream come true. Of course, what are the chances that will ever happen? Not likely, but let's see what happens if it did.

One thing I want to buy is packs. Loads of them. Buying singles is really not the same as crinkling open a pack and looking inside to see what you just got.

So, without further ado...

2012-13 Heroes and Prospects 20-box Case - BIN $1300 (Free Shipping)

That's like $65 a box. I get to open 360 packs of one of my favourite sets, with the chance of getting some nice Fucale PC additions, and I can sell the hits I don't want to buy more off the 'bay! And expecially with my 2-pack H&P breaks from this year, I'm hoping that will continue! :)

2012-13 Heroes and Prospects Subway Super Series Patch /10 Silver Zachary Fucale - BIN $53 TOTAL $1353 

Nope... just the Fucale is included. Yes, I MAY have overpaid here, but the patch of now one (if not the) main PC guy for me is awesome. I want to focus on my Fucale PC now mostly, so if anyone has a card of him FT please let me know!

2012 Bowman Chrome Auto RC Avisail Garcia - BIN $25 (w/Shipping) $1378

This guy is one of my favourite baseball players, and has been called, "Miggy's twin" (Miguel Cabrera) Before he turns into a star, I'm gonna nab this card for my PC. Sweet!

2003-04 UD Pemier Collection Premier Signatures Wayne Gretzky BGS 9 - BIN $142 (w/Shipping) TOTAL $1520

I think it was because of the grading that got the card a price like this. If it was 9.5/10, I think it could get a $300+ price tag. A sick autographed card of the great one is awesome any day of the week!
2006-07 Ultimate Signatures BGS 8.5 Sidney Crosby - $80 shipped BIN, $1600 total
What's Wayne without Sid? Also, I have a Malkin auto... now I got Sid! Last pickup will be to the current, "great one". No brainer to finish off the $1600.
Thanks to Casey at Drop the Gloves! Hopefully this will inspire to start your own blog! Cheers!

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  1. Y'know, I was lost until you threw down the Gretzky and Crosby autos; the world of Heroes and Prospects is so foreign to me.