Thursday 23 May 2013

TTM: Wei-Yin Chen

I'M BACK!!! And after exactly a month...

No reason, just because I felt the need to post after being so busy lately. I have also got a few BIG additions to my collection and PC (cough, cough, Fucale...) that I hope to share soon.

But here is what I got in the mail today: a small previously folded envelope with 2 USA stamps on it.

It was a really nice TTM return.

I opened it up, and saw my cardboard protector carefully placed inside with a card inside. Sweet, i sent off a bunch of TTMs a while back and haven't got many back.

Aw shoot. Not another sideways image. Sorry for this...
But what a SICK autograph from the Taiwanese pitcher. Love the autograph - so cool to see an autograph in a native language, like Nikolai Khabibulin's Cryllic auto!
Unfortunately,  I did not prep the card, so it smeared a bit on the protection, but that's OK. I also included a small sticker inside hoping for him to sign to make a custom card, but he did not. I don't blame him though - it was very small and at the bottom of the protection.
Thanks Mr. Chen for the autograph!
ALSO, I have decided to add Wei-Yin Chen to my PC list. So, if you have any of his cards, please LMK!

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