Tuesday 27 March 2012

Question Of The Whenever: Could YOU cut up a jersey?

Today I recieved a package in the mail, and I knew it was from Brett from MY HOCKEY CARD OBSESSION. It was from a deal we made a little while ago, and I was receiving my end. The card I was most excited about was the 2010-11 Certified Fabric of the Game Prime Evgeni Malkin because it would be my first Malkin GU Card. With my newest Malkin card, I now wonder from the swatch, how could a guy cut up that from a Pro's Penguin jersey? To tell you the truth, I probably couldn't make a snip in one. So, can YOU cut a jersey? Comment and let me know if you can... or Cannot!


  1. Confused by what you're talking about - what new Malkin card?

    If it's a game jersey card from Upper Deck or In The Game - I can understand how they feel no ill notion in cutting away at that jersey to place into cards, it's part of their product - it's part of the chase and it's a reason why people spend their money on their products.

    Personally I couldn't lay a scissor to a full jersey game used if it was in my possesion, I mean why the heck would I - cutting up the jersey would lead me nowhere. Nobody wants a cut up game jersey and I would have no way off putting it into a nice looking card; why would I anyway when I had the entire thing to frame and hang.

  2. Sorry about your confusion, as I forgot to add where I got it from and the picture! Thanks for Letting me know about it, I have edited the post. Yeah, I agree, why would you ruin your game used jersey? But maybe I didn't explain it well, I meant if you were working for UD. I think I would have some trouble still to put in that first snip.


  3. They cut up Babe Ruth's uniform and the only complete set of Vezina's pads. Malkin, at least, is still playing and this isn't the only instance of something. Nothing is sacred.