Thursday 29 March 2012

Double TTM Day: Spitfires returns on possibly their last game day...

As you may all know, I have got this year's Spits card set. I am going to try and get the whole set signed, so I quickly sent off to our 3 overagers (Derek Holden, John Cullen and Zack MacQueen.) this past weekend and lookie here - I recieved 2 today. Thank you Derek Holden and Zack MacQueen. I recieved 1 from Holden, and because the set mistankinly gave me 2 MacQueens, I recived 2 MacQueens. If anyone's interested in it, it is for trade. Now just awaiting Cullen. I'll upload pics tomorrow, and for tonight, facing elimination, down 3 games to 0 to #1 seed London, all I can do now is say GO SPITS GO!

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