Monday 23 April 2012

Pack Break: Dollarama Prestine Pack

Well, as you can see I have picked up a few card items from the Dollarama. Some toploaders, card pages and a pack of cards. Nope, Drew Doughty is NOT the reason I bought this pack, (I will save it for the end) But that card is a nice bonus to what card I got in the end. Everything except the end card is for trade or sale. Fifteen Cards in the pack, and here we go...

First card: 2010-11 SP Authentic #37 Drew Doughty
Nice! My second card from this set

Second card: 1991-92 UD World Junior Tournament #668 Laurent Bucher

Nothing Special...never heard of him.

Third Card: 1990-91 Score NHL Prospect Michel Mongeau

Sigh... Another unkown.

Fourth Card: 1991-92 Pro Set #162 Ray Sheppard

Another 2 cent card (If that) An article about this card will be coming soon.

Fifth Card: 2011-12 Score #107 Tomas Kaberle

Score! A newer card! Look for an upcoming article about this card, too!

Sixth Card: 1995-96 Pinnacle #10 Kevin Hatcher

Don't think I have any cards from this set until now.

Seventh Card: 1991-92 Score #64T Kirk Muller

Anyone knows what the "T" stands for after the numbering?

Eighth Card:  1992-93 Parkhurst #267 Bryan Marchment

Ooh! Don't think I have many from this set!!

Ninth Card: 1991-92 UD All-Star #624 Phil Housley

I don't think I have this yet...

Tenth Card: 2005-06 PowerPlay #4 Dany Heatley

Can't complain about this... I have never owned a card from this set before.

Eleventh Card: 1998-99 Omega #147 Trevor Linden

Hey, the design in person looks... really nice! I like the silver holo picture on the right! Brett, this will be in my to be sent pile for you. Do you need this card?

Twelfth Card: 1990-91 Score #129 Steve Smith

Dupe. Article coming for this card, too.

Thirteenth card: 1993-94 Donruss #30 Bryan Smolinski

Nothing to say.

Fourteenth Card: 1990-91 Bowman #167 Marc Fortier

Hell ya! That's the card I wanted!!! Oh yeah, what a great card!!
Wait , that's only 14 cards! That's because this is the card I REALLY wanted!!!

Fifteenth Card: 2010-11 Heroes and Prospects #88 Ryan Murray

Now I can truly say what a great card. A Pre-Rookie Card of a player who is going to go top 5, no less, for a dollar plus 14 other (crappy) cards. Everytime. That may seem like a terrible deal, but I now really like Murray and Will be starting a PC of him.

Thanks for looking, you should see more posts coming soon!!!


  1. I've never seen ITG in a repack before...

    oh, and the Kirk Muller is from the Score Traded set. Thus, the "T" after the number.

  2. I just started seeing ITG in repacks 2 weeks ago... I actually saw some pretty good ITG cards in those packs. Thanks for letting me know about the T.