Tuesday 22 May 2012


Hey guys!

I'm back again! Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend, as I sure did! Went to the annual carnival and got some nice prizes. But I'm posting now about a mail package I received on Friday. It was a recent deal from Blowout Cards Forum, and was a package from dunkking34 (Blowout Cards Forum username). The guy, Aaron, gave me some amazing deals, and $26 later, I got it. Let me tell you, when I saw it I knew I was in for a great mailday. His packaging was way over the top- he even used a little box and put in packing peanuts! :) So let's get to the goodies!

The original price for these was $32 (Already cheap) but I managed to talk him down to $26 shipped.

Cards 1, 2 and 3:

2011-12 Certified Fabric of the Game
#87 015/399 Patrik Elias - $1.50
#96 393/399 Brandon Dubinsky - $1.50
#102 336/399 Bobby Butler - $1.50
Sorry for the sideway image! But I have to say, I am really happy with these! First off, none of them are white swatches, and second, I only paid $1.50 for each of them!

Total spent so far: $4.50

Card 4:

2010-11 Certified Freshman Signatures #199 385/899 Eric Tangradi - $2.25
Sweet RC/Auto for my Penguins collection. Why not?

Total spent so far: $6.75

Cards 5, 6, 7:

2009-10 Be A Player
Signatures Dual Steve Mason/Derick Brassard $5.25
Signatures Peter Regin - $1.50
Signatures Devin Setoguchi - $1.50

Sorry again for the sideway image, I was trying to fit all 3 cards in the picture best I could. The Mason/Brassard dual was the most expensive of the lot, and I may have paid a little too much for it. But in Beckett, that card is worth $10-$25. I've also always wanted a Mason auto. I am a fairly big fan, and sent to him TTM before. (With no response) The Regin and Setoguchi will fit well with the rest of my BAP Autos.

Total spent so far: $15.00

Card 8:

2009-10 SP Game Used Dual Fabrics 023/100 M-A Fleury and Jordan Staal - $3.75
The card looks amazing in person... especially that it has two kinds of swatches. The Black Fleury is a "pillowy" type and the Stall feels like a silky tight kind. Really big piece in my growing Pens collection.

Total spent so far: $18.75

Card 9:

2009-10 UD Ice Glacial Graphs Niklas Kronwall - $3

Sorry the scan is blurry... but this is my favourite card of the lot. I can rave on and on about the card. No, not the team or player (Although he IS my favourite Red Wing) but about the card. First of all, the card's picture is perfect, as it shows him at the Winter Classic game and the card has snow and ice scratches all over and a nice blue colour. The second reason, the autograph is on-card, and looks really sharp. The third reason, the card is see-through, which is AWESOME! There are more, but I'll list only those. The only con I have against this card - when you hold it to light, you can see the certificate of authenticy on the player.

Total spent so far: $21.75

Card 10:

2009-10 SPx Winning Combos Brad Richards/Mike Modano - $2.25

Just another card my jersey collection - I just picked it up for the heck of it. One complaint - the swatches are really small in the letter windows.

Total spent: $24 + $2 shipping (Cost him more than I paid for shipping)

Not a bad lot for the price!  Looking forward to dealing with him again, and if anyone's interested, all cards are for trade or sale!

Thanks for looking! Oh yeah, when I reach 1000 views, I'll be hosting a contest! So keep looking, and thanks again!



  1. This is the first time I've been to your blog.

    Here is some advice: change the text to something different. The font you are using (Impact, I believe) is very hard to read. No one is commenting because no one is reading. I would suggest a plain font like Arial or Helvetica. Maybe a little plain, but so much easier to read (and don't get me started on that background image...)

  2. Really appreciate the tips, Sal! I will look into changing up my blog a bit!