Monday 11 February 2013

TTM: Ryan Kesler

Hey everyone,

Today I recieved 2 things in the mail. One big one and another small TTM sized one with my handwriting. So... I open up the big one first - pretty sweet. The second one - is this. Man, I have thought this one was LONG GONE.

I think middle of 2011 I sent out a McDonald's card to Ryan Kesler. After about a year later, I had COMPLETELY given up on it. Heck, I forgot about it until I recieved it today.

So, well, um... not exactly my McD's card signed, but a COOL oversized/post card instead! Not a pre-printed sig either, which really makes it cool! The only thing that could have been better is of Ryan used a silver sharpie to sign it. And it has some weird surface scratch or something near the bottom left. But anyways - a cool collectible! Any Canucks fan interested in this? Ryan also included my unsigned McD's card. Thanks Ryan!

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