Thursday 20 September 2012

Got a Free Chris Shelton jersey card!

Hey y'all.

Just wanted to show you this cool card I got from this website, which gives you free stuff. It's basically ebay with credits instead of cash. So, after signing up, doing the tutorial, etc. I already had over 1500 credits for basically doing nothing. And for a mere 559 credits, I nailed this awesome card... my very first baseball hit card! A 2006 Ovation Apparel Chris Shelton jersey card! And it's not even just a plain white swatch... it had 2 lines of stiching on the bottom!

I can't load an image, so hopefully it will soon -__-

But very cool. Only one complaint... the card was mailed just in a penny sleeve and top loader in a PLAIN WHITE ENVELOPE! No paper or anything in the envelope or wrapped around the card. I was really lucky to get it in mint condition... no creases or anything!

Thank you Moses for this great card!

*I'm thinking of starting a new/another blog. This blog was supposed to maily focus on hockey, but now it's creeping into other sports, and right now I am a huge baseball fan. So this was a great learning experience, and I think I will, soon. One that focuses on all sports. Becuase now I am hooked on baseball cards ;) )

Tuesday 11 September 2012

THANK YOU JUSTIN!!! That's What Collecting's All About!

After the summer olympics, my younger sister was hooked on gymnastics and the gymnasts that competed for team USA. (And we live in Canada... strange, huh? Maybe she was watching too much NBC. (; ) But anyways, her favourites were Aly Raisman, Jordyn Wieber, McKayla Maroney and Gabby Douglas. So I went out on a card search for her. What she specifically wanted were Raisman and Wieber cards. So I went on ebay, and found horrifically high prices. I wanted to get her a relic card (piece of leotard) but the prices were crazy. So I went looking on the web for some I could trade for. Sure enough, I found a blog of an awesome guy, Justin. Here's the link to his blog, Justin's World. So I sent him an email asking if his base card of Aly Raisman was for trade, as he pulled 2 in his olympic blasters. Sure enough, a few days later, he emailed me saying he had no problem just sending it to her, instead of having to work out a trade, and asked for my address. Now I didn't really feel comfortable with him having to pay for stamps and send them to me, so I offered to at least pay for stamps and try to send some cards his way. But he sent me back an email saying as long as my sister would be happy, he was happy to send them. And, he offered my sister a Nastia Liukin card, too! My sister was really happy (even though she didn't really know who Nastia was because she didn't see her perform in 2008) and I offered again to at least send some stamps to him. He, once again, said it was no problem. He even told me he would keep them until the storm near is area was over so he could make sure my sister got them.

Today, my sister got a surge of joy when she got home, to see this waiting for her.

Awesome! She still IS excited!

So this brings me to this: This is what I think collecting's all about! A collector welcoming another collector into the world! I think my sister will continue collecting, and when she has over 1000+ cards like me she'll look back onto these as what had started it, and who started it.

So thank you Justin... this act of kindness will not be forgotten!

Tuesday 4 September 2012

Check out this contest!

I recently saw a new contest at ARPSmith's Sportscard Obsession. Here's the link to the contest: It's a pretty awesome contest with a huge prize. Check it out if you have time, and enjoy the rest of your day!

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Email Autograph - Kayla Harrison

Okay, I'll eventually get around to do all of the posts I want to post. And I would have, except today I got an envelope in the mail, and when I felt a card inside and saw the return label, I knew exactly where it was from. Take a look:

Sorry for the sideways picture! Anyways, it was an email success. A really nice one! I emailed her (or her fan club?) using the email address from Sports Card Forum. Than I got a reply from her fan club stating they have sent me a card of her's signed. So a few weeks later, I recieved a BRAND NEW card (It lists on the back she won a gold at the 2012 olympics) of this Judoist! Pretty awesome card, she has an amazing autograph and also drew olympic rings and wrote champ under it! Thanks Ms. Harrison for this awesome success!

Wednesday 15 August 2012


Just yesterday, I received a medium sized bubble envelope. Now, when I saw it (the top of my mailbox was opened I thought is was something else (which should arrive soon and I should be posting about it ;) ) but then I saw it was from Sports Card Info on the return address! So I knew exactly what it was... this:  A really nice on-card auto of T.J. Graham!

 2012 Prestige Draft City Destinations Autograph #30 T.J. Graham
(I used Ross's picture, credit goes to him)

Hockey fans, if you don't know him that's O.K. He's a wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills. It's a really nice card, and I love the idea of the card. Plus it's from Prestige 2012, a really nice set! And don't forget, the autograph is ON-CARD!! The only thing I wish I could change about this card is to add on a serial number (I'm pretty sure less than 999 were made of each of these cards) and that Graham had signed it a little under so his autograph would be on top of his name, and not block his hand, and a teeny bit right, so it would be centered, because I really do not like all the white space at the bottom and he sign on his arm. But nonetheless, an awesome card!

Thank you Ross and Sports Card Info for this wonderful card and contest! You can be sure to see me in the upcoming contests!

You should also be seeing a flurry of posts coming up! A few days ago I received a really nice fan pack (with signed stuff in it :D ) and just today I received a star player TTM that I had completely forgot about and then the package I hinted at the top of this post when I get it!

Oh yeah, I'm not really that big of a Bills fan, if anyone wants to trade for it, just shoot me an email or comment! Thanks!

Tuesday 7 August 2012

Who's Your Favourite Summer Olympians?

Wow! Me post something non-hockey??? Now that's an accomplishment! But here is an odd question that I asked myself... who is your favourite summer olympian? I was thinking of a basketball player in the NBA, but NBC never broadcasts that stuff. Actually, it seems like that NBC mostly broadcasts only gymnastics, swimming, track, and on rare occasions tennis and beach volleyball. So, who is your favourite summer olympian? Please comment and let me know, here are mine: 

Favourite Female Olympian: Aly Raisman, Gymnastics

Aly Raisman Sexy Olympic Athletes

This one was tough for me... all the 4 finalists were from the gymnastics team! The finals were between her and teammate Jordyn Wieber... but with Aly's performance today, I picked her. What's not to like about an athlete who does flips, twists, and dangerous landings, some on a balance beam! And I see her perform A LOT thanks to NBC. Not to mention she's really pretty! ;) 

Runner Up:
Jordyn Wieber, Gymnastics
McKayla Maroney / Gabby Douglas, Gymnatics

Favourite Male Athlete: Usain Bolt, Track and Field

To me, Usain Bolt is like Alex Ovechkin in hockey. He looks like a person that is funny and loves to have fun, on and off the track. And an all-around great guy. Sound a little like Ovie? And don't forget he is also the fastest man ever! His last name Bolt fits him absolutely perfectly!

Runner Up:
Johan Blake, Track and Field
Michael Phelps, Swimming

I'd like to see your choices. Comment, I care and see them all! 

Sunday 5 August 2012

Thanks Sal! ... had no time to post!

So sorry for the lack of posts everyone! I have been so busy and went on a bunch of mini vacations! But now I finally catch a break, and I need to post something I have been meaning to a while ago. It was when Sal held a contest. He promised a prize for everyone, not just the winner( who I unfortunately wasn't) He tried to make the prize interesting for everyone, and asked for their favourite team. So I said the Penguins, and a few days after I received it. It was this really cool Mario Lemieux 1990's game card, like Pokemon, sort of. The card was really cool, and interesting. It came in a top loader which had a stoker on it that said: Book Price - $6.00 Our Price - $2.00 RC. Well, this most definitely wasn't his RC, ;) , but was really cool. Thank you Sal! I will try and get a picture soon, as I am posting this on my IPhone.

Monday 18 June 2012

I hate blogger...

I just posted my 2010-11 Score Rookies Traded Box Break only for it to come out messed up, and then deleted it! There goes 45 minutes of work!! Oh, I hate you f***ing blogger!!!

Friday 1 June 2012


Hi everyone!

Again, I recently made a purchase on Blowout Cards forum. Anyone who hasn't, I strongly urge you to. Great Deals happen there. And I think I was able to snag one! :) No, I didn't snag a great deal. Istead, I snaged a steal!

So thank you SBND7 (Real Name: Mike)
For $10, shipped, in a bubble mailer, I got:

2007-08 Trilogy Scripts Ryan Kesler AUTO $2
2007-08 Be A Player Signatures Trevor Linden AUTO $2
2007-08 Be A Player Signatures Marc Savard AUTO $3
2005-06 Ultimate Collection Ultimate Signatures Ryan Suter AUTO $3

Wow... this for $2. I think this was the best deal out of the lot, and I have always wanted a Kesler auto, as I have mailed to him TTM (With no reply :( ) And Trilogy... from what I heard it's quite a high end product. I might want to hand onto this for a little...

Woo-Hoo! I know there are quite a few 'nucks and Linden fans on this blogging world! Gee, I don't mind a signed card of him for $2!! Every time...

I mainly picked this up for reasons that he doesn't sign TTM. But other than that, I don't really have an attachment to this card, and it is actually a really messy autograph.

 This card is nice... real nice. Again, it comes from another higher ended product. And a rookie/auto card of Suter... not too shabby! The only thing I dislike... the space between Suter's first name and last name of his autograph. It makes me feel uncomfortable. But I LOVE the "S" in Suter! (Or should I say... St?)

So there you have it! Probably one of my better deals in my card life!
All are avalaible, including the Kesler. Any interest, you can leave a comment or email me at and we can definitely work something out!

CONTEST UPDATE: Not many people have signed up... sign up now! You have a good chance to win something!
Thanks for looking!

Thursday 24 May 2012

CONTEST - I promised a contest... you'll get a Contest!

Okay, thanks for the 1000 views! So here's the promised contest!

So, any of you know Swagbucks?
That's where I'll host my contest. First of all, all you have to do is sign up under my referral link, which is , and earn 1000 swagbucks by searching. But only searching will the points you earn be counted towards your 1000 total. Not anything else. And I can track your totals, so cheating won't get you anywhere. So... first 2 to 1000 points win! You can probably earn that quite quickly, just switch your search engine to that for a few days. But also, to get in the contest, email me at, type in "I'm in" and name your favourite player, and that's it! So the prizes...

First to 1000 gets to choose between...


Second person gets the remainder card...

Those cards are just some cards I won from my local hobby shop!
So, what are you waiting for? Start earning! Contest open until September 1st, 2012, so you all have lots of time to earn, earn, earn!

Any questions, just ask in comments or email me!