Sunday 23 June 2013

Miguel Cabrera Triple Crown MVP Mini Plaque - Game Used Jersey

Hey all!

I went to my first Detroit Tigers game on Friday, and picked up a nice item as a souvenir! First, the Tigers organization is definitely first-class, and going through Comerica Park is amazing. There were so many promotions, giveaways, etc. and I even got a "First Game" Certificate for free. Let's just say I CAN'T wait to go for another game! :)

But on to the item. I was online searching up some items the Tigers had for sale, which they likely had for sale in the D Shop. So a couple of items caught my eye, but a lot too pricey for me. So I decided to just bring $40 and pick myself up a surprise!

So at about the 5th inning, I head down to the main concourse and go in the D Shop. I was especially interested in the authentics they had for sale. Then, a rack of items really got me interested - it was some mini game used plaques for $20-$30! They had bat relic plaques of Alex Avila, Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder, and jersey relics as well. So, after a couple minutes of deciding, I picked out this beauty for $30.

The reason I chose this item, over the bat plaque and others, was because the plaque noted a couple major highlights from Miggy's AMAZING 2012 season. It also has a VERY nice action photo of I think one of his many home runs. I also got a pamphlet from the worker in the area which said I could go on MLB.COM to see the COA. Now I have to find a place to hang this awesome item!

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