Tuesday 28 August 2012

Email Autograph - Kayla Harrison

Okay, I'll eventually get around to do all of the posts I want to post. And I would have, except today I got an envelope in the mail, and when I felt a card inside and saw the return label, I knew exactly where it was from. Take a look:

Sorry for the sideways picture! Anyways, it was an email success. A really nice one! I emailed her (or her fan club?) using the email address from Sports Card Forum. Than I got a reply from her fan club stating they have sent me a card of her's signed. So a few weeks later, I recieved a BRAND NEW card (It lists on the back she won a gold at the 2012 olympics) of this Judoist! Pretty awesome card, she has an amazing autograph and also drew olympic rings and wrote champ under it! Thanks Ms. Harrison for this awesome success!

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