Sunday 5 August 2012

Thanks Sal! ... had no time to post!

So sorry for the lack of posts everyone! I have been so busy and went on a bunch of mini vacations! But now I finally catch a break, and I need to post something I have been meaning to a while ago. It was when Sal held a contest. He promised a prize for everyone, not just the winner( who I unfortunately wasn't) He tried to make the prize interesting for everyone, and asked for their favourite team. So I said the Penguins, and a few days after I received it. It was this really cool Mario Lemieux 1990's game card, like Pokemon, sort of. The card was really cool, and interesting. It came in a top loader which had a stoker on it that said: Book Price - $6.00 Our Price - $2.00 RC. Well, this most definitely wasn't his RC, ;) , but was really cool. Thank you Sal! I will try and get a picture soon, as I am posting this on my IPhone.


  1. Kyle, glad you liked the card.

    The toploader was "recycled"...I got that Lemieux card from a pack a few years ago.