Wednesday 15 August 2012


Just yesterday, I received a medium sized bubble envelope. Now, when I saw it (the top of my mailbox was opened I thought is was something else (which should arrive soon and I should be posting about it ;) ) but then I saw it was from Sports Card Info on the return address! So I knew exactly what it was... this:  A really nice on-card auto of T.J. Graham!

 2012 Prestige Draft City Destinations Autograph #30 T.J. Graham
(I used Ross's picture, credit goes to him)

Hockey fans, if you don't know him that's O.K. He's a wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills. It's a really nice card, and I love the idea of the card. Plus it's from Prestige 2012, a really nice set! And don't forget, the autograph is ON-CARD!! The only thing I wish I could change about this card is to add on a serial number (I'm pretty sure less than 999 were made of each of these cards) and that Graham had signed it a little under so his autograph would be on top of his name, and not block his hand, and a teeny bit right, so it would be centered, because I really do not like all the white space at the bottom and he sign on his arm. But nonetheless, an awesome card!

Thank you Ross and Sports Card Info for this wonderful card and contest! You can be sure to see me in the upcoming contests!

You should also be seeing a flurry of posts coming up! A few days ago I received a really nice fan pack (with signed stuff in it :D ) and just today I received a star player TTM that I had completely forgot about and then the package I hinted at the top of this post when I get it!

Oh yeah, I'm not really that big of a Bills fan, if anyone wants to trade for it, just shoot me an email or comment! Thanks!

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