Tuesday 7 August 2012

Who's Your Favourite Summer Olympians?

Wow! Me post something non-hockey??? Now that's an accomplishment! But here is an odd question that I asked myself... who is your favourite summer olympian? I was thinking of a basketball player in the NBA, but NBC never broadcasts that stuff. Actually, it seems like that NBC mostly broadcasts only gymnastics, swimming, track, and on rare occasions tennis and beach volleyball. So, who is your favourite summer olympian? Please comment and let me know, here are mine: 

Favourite Female Olympian: Aly Raisman, Gymnastics

Aly Raisman Sexy Olympic Athletes

This one was tough for me... all the 4 finalists were from the gymnastics team! The finals were between her and teammate Jordyn Wieber... but with Aly's performance today, I picked her. What's not to like about an athlete who does flips, twists, and dangerous landings, some on a balance beam! And I see her perform A LOT thanks to NBC. Not to mention she's really pretty! ;) 

Runner Up:
Jordyn Wieber, Gymnastics
McKayla Maroney / Gabby Douglas, Gymnatics

Favourite Male Athlete: Usain Bolt, Track and Field

To me, Usain Bolt is like Alex Ovechkin in hockey. He looks like a person that is funny and loves to have fun, on and off the track. And an all-around great guy. Sound a little like Ovie? And don't forget he is also the fastest man ever! His last name Bolt fits him absolutely perfectly!

Runner Up:
Johan Blake, Track and Field
Michael Phelps, Swimming

I'd like to see your choices. Comment, I care and see them all! 


  1. Kirani James of Grenada. 400 m Gold medalist. I knew nothing about him until they did a profile of him prior to his race the other night. Seems like such a genuinely humble and sincere young man. You could see in his eyes how proud he was to represent his country. They also showed him with Oscar Pistorius, the paraplegic runner. He switched bib numbers with Pistorius after their race, and held up Pistorius' bib to the crowd in London

  2. I agree that he is a real awesome olympian and person. I have been to Grenada before, but never heard of him. I saw him with Pistorius, and the name trade. That was incredible. He's amazing!